6 Summer 2018 Anime Series You Should Watch This Fall

It’s that time again. The summer 2018 season has progressed enough where the good rises to the top and the bad ends up completely forgotten. However, you don’t have to sort that out yourself. You’re busy, we get it. So we watched the new season for you to give you a clue on what was worth watching.

As always, this only covers wholly new series. So any second seasons won’t be included. If you are a fan of My Hero Academia, Attack on Titan, Steins;Gate, Overlord, or Free, then by all means go watch those.

Grand Blue

Iori Kitahara is excited to travel to the seaside town of Izu for his first year of college. He moves into his uncle’s scuba shop, Grand Blue, but things don’t go according to plan. Inside the shop is a bunch of naked and drunk upperclassman who get him drunk. After his cousin walks in, his college life starts to derail, but his work getting it back on track doesn’t go quite as planned either.

Why It Is Worth Watching? – Don’t be fooled, this isn’t a show about diving. It is a show about romanticizing college life. Imagine the college life in a seaside town. The sun, the sand, the bikinis, the innate weirdness of the students – it is all there. Thankfully, it is typically more fun than ecchi, but the skin is still there.

Cells at Work

The human body has approximately 37 trillion cells that are hard at work every day to keep you alive. Cells at Work tells the story of a red blood cell and a white blood cell and the tireless work of countless other cells to keep you alive. Germ invasions, scratches, and drama unfold inside this body.

Why It Is Worth Watching? – Consider Cells at Work a biology text book in animated form. It goes into a surprising amount of detail about what all the different introduced cells in the body do to make it work. Furthermore, it is all presented in a package that makes it entertaining to learn about them.

Banana Fish

During the Vietnam War, a soldier named Griff goes insane and starts killing his own platoon. After being subdued, all he kept speaking was the words “banana fish”. Years later, Griff is taken care of by his brother Ash, a boy who ran away from home and was taken in by mob boss Papa Dino. Ash was groomed as both heir to the Mafia family and sex slave to Papa Dino. Now he seeks to unravel the mystery between this banana fish, a phrase that keeps mysteriously popping up in his life.

Why It Is Worth Watching? – As a shoujo anime, I can only imagine more than a few male viewers were put off by Banana Fish and perhaps the sex slavery. However, Banana Fish remains one of the most manliest shoujo series to date. No simpering lovesick high schoolers, just a guy out for revenge and an increasingly-interesting mystery that you need to unravel.

Chio’s School Road

This is the story of Chio, a young bookworm, and her daily walk to school. Of course, she won’t be getting to school anytime soon as her usual route usually takes her weirdly off course.

Why It Is Worth Watching? – The premise sounds simple. Almost boring, right? Well, we should know by now that the most boring sounding premise is often the most entertaining. Chio’s School Road is brilliant weird comedy where something completely unique happens on the way to school each day. Not only unique, but often hilariously over dramatic. It makes for a quick bite of laughs every week.

Asobi Asobase

This is the story of three girls that couldn’t be more different. Brought together by classroom games, or their irritation to which, they spend their days fretting over their English scores.

Why It Is Worth Watching? – Like Chio’s School Road above, Asobi Asobase has a simple plot, or rather, no plot at all. It is cute girls doing cute things and there is nothing wrong with that. The three girls are different sort of personalities, but the show focuses on the snippets of their interactions. The real gem of their series is the facial expressions, though. They are random and often just set the comedy off like a spark.

How Not to Summon a Demon Lord

In his MMORPG, Takuma boast overwhelming strength and was referred to as the demon king. However, one day he gets summoned to another world, still in the appearance of his character. There he discovers two girls that use the same magic he uses to turn others into slaves. However, due to his magic reflect skill, the spell was turned back on them.

Why It Is Worth Watching? – The reasons to watch this series are rather straight-forward and generic. It’s an isekai/MMO type series and it has an ass ton of fan service. For some, that’s all the selling they need. However, the real reason I stuck with this series is because it is a lot like Overlord. The main character is overpowered and he runs rampant on his new world. Unfortunately, he is a little more of a derp in terms of personality.

These are just our recommendations. Was there something you enjoyed watching this season? Let us know the what and the why in the comments section below.

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