Ara Ara Intensifies – 12 Anime Series Where an Older Woman Falls in Love With a Younger Guy

What am I doing with my life to be here writing this sort of article right now? Where did I go so wron-

Wait, did you hear that? The “Ara Ara” in the distance? It is her call. The older anime woman, the cougar stalking in the night, she must have landed her prey.

Joking aside, ecchi typically is made to either be a relatable sort of perversion or an exploration of some kind of kink. In this instance, it is that of an older women who is flirting with a younger boy. Unlike the reverse that is typically portrayed as a more serious romance for terribly unfair reasons, the small selection of older women perving down their young prey will almost always be ecchi comedies. If that’s what you are here for instead of this grand monologue, then we also have anime recommendations.

Mother of the Goddess’ Dormitory

This series was the inspiration for this list because – whew! While I’ve seen plenty of anime series about a boy living in an all-girls dorm, this is the first one where the boy is 12-years-old and all the residents are busty, thirsty college girls. It’s ecchi to the extreme which makes one wonder why an older male character would not have been a better choice.

The Caretaker of Sunohara Hall

Very much like Mother of the Goddess’ Dormitory, The Caretaker of Sunohara Hall is about a middle school boy moving into a boarding house full of women. However, while they are closer to him in age, they remain as full-figured as girls many years his senior, especially when compared to a main character that is constantly told how feminine he is.

My Sister Came

The sister in this case is actually a step-sister. A 13-year-old boy gains a 17-year-old new step-sister, and she develops an obsessive crush on him. That’s the plot. However, this is not an ecchi or really a romance series. It is just a flirty comedy, mostly.

Please Teacher

Being both a teacher and an alien means you, female-formed person, should not be going after your students romantically. Even if one does learn your secret and you bond over it. However, the series actually forces them to marry when the principal finds out about them. While this fits the bill physically, Mizuho has a personality more like a teenager and less like an older woman of authority.

Natsuyuki Rendezvous

If you are not a degenerate looking for fan service, but rather want a serious romance between a younger man and older woman in anime, your choices are limited to… Mostly just this one. Natsuyuki Rendezvous focuses on a younger man getting a job at a flower shop because he is interested in the older widow that runs it. However, his attempts at romance are foiled since her dead husband haunts her.

Why the Hell Are You Here, Sensei?

This short episode series features not just one, but several male students who form relationships with their female teachers. They bond over constantly walking in on them in ecchi and embarrassing situations. There isn’t much plot aside from that. This one is all fan service. Do find an uncensored version.

Dusk Maiden of Amnesia

I am probably pushing things too far by including this one. Dusk Maiden of Amnesia features a ghost who died many decades ago falling in love with a human boy at his school which she haunts. She may still look like a teenager, but she definitely has the possessiveness and maturity of an older woman.

Domestic Girlfriend

Domestic Girlfriend is about a high school guy being fought over by his two new stepsisters. One is his own age and one is his teacher. Being a man of culture, his pick was always the female teacher, though she refuses to be with him (for awhile) since he is, indeed, her student.

Monster Girl Doctor

While this show often isn’t a romance since the main character is ultra focused on his doctoring, he is still prey. His assistant in doctoring is a lamia who perfectly personifies your standard anime cougar. She thirsts after him and often takes advantage of any opening.

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