This Artist is Joined By Pokemon During His Every Day Life

This artist has been a Pokémon fan ever since the game first came out in the 90s. And playing Pokémon GO re-ignited the ‘fanboy’ in him.

When the augmented reality Pokémon GO game started in late 2016, he wondered how it would be like to have Pokémon by his side. He started drawing Pokémon into his photographs (and some of the following photographs are from my friends). He has been drawing them for a year now using a drawing tablet and the Photoshop programme. The inspiration was drawn from @onepikapi

Hope you enjoy the photos & the drawings!

More info: Instagram

#1 Befriending Onix at the sand dunes

#2 Bug-Team Roll Out

#3 Time to catch!

#4 Guess who is blocking my way

#5 My Venusaur & I, after we are done with field work

#6 Battle Time – Heracross & Scizor VS Mewtwo

#7 Let’s go catching together

#8 Hit the waves with Stand-Up Paddle

#9 Surf’s Up at the beach

#10 Going to the theatre with Pokémon

#11 When the worlds of Harry Potter & Pokémon collide

#12 Coffee Break

#13 Have a blast at the beach

#14 What about cafe-hopping?

#15 It is Dino time

#16 Venturing into the world of Pokémon

#17 Chilling out on a hot day

#18 Encountering the wild

#19 Time to rest after a day of adventure

#20 Sometimes the Pokémon teaches the Trainer

#21 Partners in crime

#20 Colours of the wind

#21 That feeling when facing Lugia

#22 Prepare for a ride in the skies

#23 Never alone in an adventure

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