Naruto: Shippuden Anime Will End on 500th Episode

We made it, fam! After 15 years of airing, the Naruto anime is coming to an end after Naruto: Shippuden airs its 500th episode on March 23, 2017. If combine the two Naruto series, there will be a total of 720 episodes that were aired since October 3, 2002!

Naruto: Shippuden‘s time slot will be given to Snack World starting on April 13, 2017.

Naruto: Shippuden Anime Will End on 500th Episode

© Masashi Kishimoto / Shueisha Inc. / Pierrot Co., Ltd.

The Konoha Hiden: The Perfect Day for a Wedding light novel has served as the final Naruto: Shippuden arc. The arc takes places a few days before Naruto and Hinata’s wedding ceremony. Kakashi Hatake has asked the Konoha 11 to a wedding gift to present to the couple, but the task proves more difficult than initially planned. Since each member cannot be present at the wedding day, they have to find the time to present the couple with their gifts.

Studio Pierrot has been animating the series since 2002. Along with the 720 episodes, a total of 11 movies has been produced along with numerous video games.

Don’t cry, because the Naruto universe will continue in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. The sequel series will follow Boruto (Naruto and Hinata’s son) and Sarada (Sasuke and Sakura’s daughter). The series follows Boruto as he struggles to accept the role as the son of the 7th Hokage. At the Ninja Academy, he faces great pressure to live up to expectations and prejudice from his classmates.

How do you feel about Naruto: Shippuden coming to an end? What are your favorite Naruto memories?

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