One Piece Birthday Calendar

Here’s a complete guide to all the birthdays in One Piece! It’s based from the calendar that came with the One Piece Magazine (apologies for the slightly low quality), but I also added all the birthdays that weren’t present in the magazine.

You can also find all the characters listed by alphabetical order below in case you’re searching for one specific birthday.

Updated as of Volume 88.


A.O January 15th

Absalom December 30th

Aisa January 3rd

Aladine January 31st

Albion November 9th

Alvida March 14th

Amadob June 20th

Amazon August 4th

Andre May 19th

Ankoro November 23rd

Aphelandra August 1st

Arlong May 3rd

Atmos March 19th

Avalo Pizarro September 30th


Baby 5 May 15th

Bartholomew Kuma February 9th

Bartolomeo October 6th

Basil Hawkins September 9th

Baskerville (Bas, Kerville and “Princess”) March 31st

Bellamy August 7th

Bell-mère December 3rd

Benn Beckman November 9th

Bepo November 20th

Big Pan May 25th

Bizarre February 3rd

Blamenco February 5th

Blenheim August 6th

Blondie February 7th

Blue Gilly November 27th

Bluejam February 16th

Blueno April 20th

Boa Hancock September 2nd

Boa Marigold September 5th

Boa Sandersonia September 3rd

Bon Clay (Bentham) August 15th

Boo August 20th

Brannew September 3rd

Brogy February 1st

Brook April 3rd

Brownbeard February 3rd

Buffalo April 8th

Buggy August 8th


Cabaji September 8th

Caesar Clown April 9th

Calgara October 4th

Capone Bege January 17th

Capote May 1st

Caribou July 4th

Carrot May 24th

Carue November 8th

Catarina Devon March 29th

Cavendish August 31st

Comile October 1st

Coribou May 2nd

Chaka April 26th

Charlotte Daifuku November 25th (2nd)

Charlotte Linlin February 15th

Charlotte Katakuri November 25th (1st)

Charlotte Oven November 25th (3rd)

Charlotte Pudding June 25th

Charlotte Smoothie October 12th

Charloss June 1st

Chew May 23rd

Chimney June 2nd

Chinjao December 12th

Chyoko (Tamago) April 14th

Coby May 13th

Comile October 1st

Conis May 20th

Corgi August 25th

Crocodile September 5th

Crocus January 4th

Curiel September 12th

Curly Dadan August 30th


Daisy February 15th

Dalmatian November 1st

Dalton June 10th

Daruma July 8th

Daz Bones (Mr. 1) January 1st

Doma February 1st

Decalvan Brothers May 22nd

Delacauaji September 1st

Dellinger August 11th

Demaro Black May 5th

Den October 10th

Devil Dias September 18th

Diamante May 29th

Disco June 12th

Doberman October 8th

Doc Q October 18th

Dogra December 19th

Doma February 1st

Domino October 30th

Donquixote Doflamingo October 23rd

Donquixote Rosinante July 15th

Dorry October 2nd

Dosun October 9th

Duval August 11th

Dracule Mihawk March 9th


Edward Newgate April 6th

Elmy June 30th

Emporio Ivankov January 8th

Enel May 6th

Enishida February 24th

Epoida June 4th

Eustass Kid January 10th


Fisher Tiger November 5th

Franky March 9th

Fossa April 15th

Foxy April 4th

Fujitora (Issho) August 10th

Fukaboshi February 4th

Fukuro June 29th

Funkfreed April 28th

Fuza February 3rd


Galdino (Mr. 3) March 3rd

Gaimon August 5th

Gan Fal December 22nd

Gedatsu August 10th

Gekko Moriah September 6th

Genbo February 9th

Gin April 7th

Gladius August 6th

Gloriosa February 4th

Going Merry January 22nd

Gol D. Roger December 31st

Gomorrah August 6th

Gonbe February 8th

Gorilla May 18th

Goro November 26th

Gyro June 22nd


Hack August 9th

Hamburg February 22nd

Hammond July 17th

Hannyabal August 28th

Haredas October 14th

Hatchan August 8th

Hattori August 10th

Helmeppo July 16th

Heracles May 10th

Hiluluk January 12th

Hina March 3rd

Hoe September 13th

Hody Jones April 14th

Hogback December 19th

Holy November 7th

Hyouzou April 18th


Iceburg January 3rd

Igaram December 6th

Ikaros Much January 13th

Inazuma August 3rd

Indigo December 5th

Inuarashi October 11th

Islewan January 1st

Isshily May 4th

Itomimizu January 11th

Izo October 13th


Jabra June 5th

Jaguar D. Saulo March 6th

Jalmack November 9th

Jean Bart April 6th

Jesus Burgess December 25th

Jerry February 22nd

Jewelry Bonney September 1st

Jinbe April 2nd

John Giant May 19th

Jora January 25th

Jozu November 11th


Kadar July 29th

Kaku August 7th

Kaido May 1st

Kalifa April 23rd

Kamakiri July 10th

Kanjuro July 21st

Karma June 6th

Kashi April 1st

Kashigami November 4th

Kaya August 8th

Keimi November 3rd

Kiwi September 1st

Kin’emon January 15th

Kingdew November 13th

Killer February 2nd

Kizaru (Borsalino) November 23rd

Koala October 25th

Kohza May 26th

Kokoro October 5th

Kong May 9th

Krieg September 19th

Kuina September 17th

Kumadori February 20th

Kumashi September 4th

Kuro April 22nd

Kuroobi October 25th

Kuzan September 21st

Kyros September 22nd


Laboon September 16th

Lacroix June 8th

Lacuba May 31st

Lafitte March 13

Lao G October 7th

Laki July 7th

Leo July 24th

Lieu. Spacey March 21

Little Oars Jr. February 12th

Lola January 27th

Lord of the Earth August 4th

Lord of the Forest April 4th

Lucky Roo July 6th


Machvise August 13th

Macro September 6th

Magellan October 9th

Magra October 20th

Makino February 23rd

Manboshi March 30th

Marco October 5th

Marguerite April 9th

Marshall D. Teach August 3rd

Masira March 4th

McGuy September 3rd

Megalo April 8th

Mikazuki February 10th

Minister of the Left July 2nd

Minister of the Right April 5th

Minokoala March 5th

Minorhinoceros March 1st

Minotaurus March 4th

Minozebra March 7th

Miss Father’s Day June 21st

Miss Goldenweek April 29th

Miss Valentine February 14th

Moda June 1st

Mohji October 1st

Mohmoo April 9th

Momonga June 6th

Monda April 3rd

Monet August 27th

Monkey D. Dragon October 5th

Monkey D. Garp May 2nd

Monkey D. Luffy May 5th

Montblanc Cricket September 11th

Montblanc Noland October 9th

Morgan April 13th

Mousse June 3rd

Motobaro August 19th

Mozu January 7th

Mr. 5 July 26th


Nami July 3rd

Namur July 6th

Nekomamushi November 22nd

Nefeltari Cobra February 13th

Nefeltari Vivi February 2nd

Neptune July 3rd

Nero January 26th

Nico Robin February 6th

Nico Olivia February 6th

Nola March 10th

Nojiko July 25th


Oars October 4th

Octopako August 5th

Ohm March 25th

Oimo January 6th

Onigumo February 8th

Otohime January 10th


Palms March 11th

Pandaman February 29th (Leap years only)

Pappug September 21st

Paulie July 8th

Pedro June 16th

Peeply Lulu January 2nd

Pell August 23rd

Pekoms April 11th

Penguin April 25th

Perona June 7th

Peterman January 4th

Pica December 14th

Pickles January 9th

Pierre October 8th

Porche November 16th

Porchemi April 3rd

Portgas D. Ace January 1st

Portgas D. Rouge June 10th


Rakuyo September 8th

Rampo July 10th

Ran November 24th

Rebecca August 4th

Richie July 21st

Riku Dold III June 27th

Rindo September 16th

Rob Lucci June 2nd

Rockstar June 9th

Ronse June 2nd

Roronoa Zoro November 11th

Roswald June 28th

Ryuuboshi June 24th

Ryuuma November 6th


Sabo March 20th

Sadi-chan March 5th

Sai August 13th

Sakazuki August 16th

Saldeath June 8th

Salome March 6th

Satori March 10th

Scarlet October 28th

Scratchmen Apoo March 19th

Sengoku May 9th

Senor Pink June 12th

Sentomaru March 10th

Seto July 16th

Shachi April 7th

Shakuyaku (Shakky) May 8th

Shalulia March 29th

Shanks March 9th

Sherrie October 31st

Shiki March 20th

Shilliew June 11th

Shirahoshi April 4th

Shura September 20th

Shyarley September 9th

Silvers Rayleigh May 13th

Smoker March 14th

Sodom August 6th

Spandam March 11th

Splash January 18th

Splatter January 18th

Spandine January 19th

Speed Jiru April 6th

Spoil September 15th

Squard September 6th

Stelly March 12th

Strawberry January 5th

Stronger April 16th

Sugar October 22nd

Surume June 9th

Suu September 24th

Sweet Pea January 14th


T-Bone September 10th

Taroimo October 16th

Tashigi October 6th

Terracotta September 25th

Thatch Match 24th

Tilestone January 6th

Tom March 16th

Tonjit October 2nd

Tony Tony Chopper December 24th

Toto June 17th

Trafalgar Law October 6th

Trebol March 18th

Tsukimi August 15th

Tsuru March 26th

Tyrannosaurus October 20th


Urouge August 1st

Usopp April 1st


Van Augur October 5th

Vander Decken IX August 22nd

Vasco Shot August 5th

Vegapunk August 9th

Vergo July 5th

Verygood September 10th

Vinsmoke Ichiji March 2nd (1st)

Vinsmoke Niji March 2nd (2nd)

Vinsmoke Reiju November 11th

Vinsmoke Sora July 9th

Vinsmoke Sanji March 2nd (3rd)

Vinsmoke Yonji March 2nd (4th)

Viola (Violet) April 30th

Vista February 5th


Wadatsumi February 9th

Wanze September 4th

Wapol August 9th

Whitey Bay October 31st

Wiper August 18th

Woop Slap February 28th


X (Diez) Drake October 24th


Yama October 3rd

Yamakaji April 5th

Yasopp August 2nd

Yorki April 9th


Zambia March 8th

Zeff April 2nd

Zeo November 11th

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