Analysis on Devil Fruits nature and origins, Awakening, Vinsmoke relation to them and more… 

I made this theory long time ago, and i guess it’s time to share it to see what you guys think.

Devil Fruits are quite a mystery in One Piece and Oda said that a certain professor (probably Vegapunk) will explain the complex mechanism of all Devil Fruits soon.

So let’s analyse some of what we know about them and try to make our own conclusions:

Only one bite is needed for the user to gain the power of the Devil Fruit.
When a Devil Fruit user dies, their ability is reborn into another fruit (the closest).
Object can have Devil Fruit powers through unknown method for now.
These objects seem to gain consciousness (Soul/Spirit or whatever you want to call it).
Why fruits in particular (and not any other object or even other food)?!

From these points i concluded that Devil Fruits don’t contain merely just powers but they also contain some kind of a soul or spirit and they are like parasites who want to inhabit a living body however they can’t do it alone and they must be allowed (consumed) and therefore:

These souls enter the consumer’s body as soon as he takes a single bite.
When a Devil Fruit user dies, the soul looks for the nearest fruit to inhabit.
These souls explain why an object becomes alive when it consumes a Devil Fruit.
These souls inhabit fruits because they are the fastest way to enter a body (Food/Eating) and fruits are different from most other food in the fact that they are eaten directly and don’t need cooking (like i said Fruits are the fastest way to enter a body).
Some will say that these souls can jump from food to food to faster find a consumer but i think that once they merge with a fruit they can’t leave it, probably because they are weak due to being fragments of souls and not a full soul.
This explains why Haki is the only counter to Devil Fruit powers since it is a spiritual force, so logically only a spirit power can counter another spirit.
This also explains why a person can’t eat two devil fruits since like Jabra already hinted at when he said “Devil Fruits contain devils and if someone eats two Devil Fruits those devils will fight resulting in the user’s death” (Not exactly what he said, just the idea).

Another mystery is why can’t the same 2 Devil Fruits exist at the same time (for example 2 Gomu Gomu No Mi users at the same time) !!! If we think about it, the only explanation is that all Devil Fruits were part of a whole (Devil Fruits contain powers and fragment of souls) meaning that there was something long time ago with all powers of Devil Fruits and then his powers were divided and his soul shattered resulting in each fragment of his soul taking a certain ability and inhabiting a fruit. (This thing was most likely called Devil explaining the name “Devil Fruits”)

Also recently we were introduced to Lineage Factor AKA Blueprint of Life and we know that Devil Fruits effect the user by changing his Lineage Factor so my guess is that long ago, these powers were created by experiments on Lineage Factor of some creatures and nature forces.

Germa are apparently not Devil Fruit users and yet they have certain powers like Ichiji’s light energy powers and Niji electric powers. They can use their abilities also without the suit meaning that it’s possible to create Devil Fruit powers without a fruit.

Like I said before these fragments of souls can also merge with any object (except living things) and this would explain Devil Fruit Awakening, because we already were introduced to Armament Haki which is the power to control spiritual powers and it can be used to harden the user’s body or another object so if a Devil Fruit user learns to control the additional fragment of soul he got from Devil Fruit and use it the same way Armament Haki works then he would be able to affect other objects and environment (just like Katakuri, Doflamingo, Diamante, Aokiji, Akainu, Crocodile and many others) this was also hinted at by Oda in Blue Deep Databook when he said that the only way to make Armament Haki more powerful is by using it with DF powers.

In SBS Volume 7 this was mentioned: Reader: “Why does Sanji-san’s eyebrow curl up at the end? Is it for fashion? Make it clear!!” Oda: “Hey!! You there, sit down!! Now listen!! Everyone lives in circles!! The Sun, the Moon, and the Earth all spin in circles!! And!! If the Earth suddenly stopped spinning!! The planet would be covered in tidal waves!! It would be terrible!! Now remember that Sanji’s eyebrow channels that same powerful circular energy!! Reflect upon this!! You may go!!”

We know that all Devil Fruits have swirl marks and patterns and i think based on this SBS question that it’s probably because of the energy rotation inside Devil Fruits, and if my theory proves right then it could be that Judge experimented on his kids the same way Devil Fruits were created long time ago, resulting in them having abilities and most probably it explains Sanji’s abilities (Diable Jambe and covering himself in fire .. etc), this would also explain their swirling eyebrows (Which only the kids have and not their parents!)

So basically Sanji and his siblings have abilities like Devil Fruits but on a much lower level and they don’t have extra soul like Devil Fruits.

So what do you think?

*Theory by Salah Eddine Bouhank

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