If Disney Characters Were Made In a Gorgeous Anime Style

Ethan Seth Abrea from the Filipinas, known as Duck Lord Ethan, made the anime version of several Disney characters, such as: The Beauty and the Beast, Snow White, Cars, Lilo & Stitch, The Little Mermaid and Mulan. Some characters have gained a human version.

Sleeping Beauty

Little Mermaid


Beauty and the Beast

Lilo and Stitch

Snow White

Pixar’s Cars were…anime human racers

What are the spirit animals of Disney princesses? Now we know! Fan artist Eric Proctor, who did that great series of Grumpy Cat invading Disney movies, has also done a whole series of Disney princesses pairing up with the most adorable Pokémon — the Eeveelutions! Proctor worked with fellow DeviantArt user Flying-Fox to make the series — and seeing as how pretty much every Disney princess and Eeveelution matches up with an element, it works pretty well! See what you think, then head over to Proctor’s DeviantArt page and Flying-Fox‘s DeviantArt page to check out more of their work!

We Know the Flareon

The Espeon of Notre Dame

A Whole New Umbreon

Once Upon a Sylveon

Beauty and the Eevee

I see the Jolteon

Let it Glaceon

The Princess and the Leafeon

The Little Vaporeon

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