Noragami season 2 to adapt Bishamon arc

With Noragami‘s second season now confirmed, the anime’s official website has released the second season’s new key visual image which features the next arc’s five main characters

The next arc has been confirmed to be the Bishamon arc, which of course focuses on the war god, Bishamon. Also announced are all-night marathons for the anime’s first season, and they are happening in Shinjuku Piccadilly in Tokyo on April 18 before heading to Nanba Parks Cinema in Osaka on April 19. It was announced that several cast members will be present during these marathons. Animate Ikebukuro will also be hosting a special Noragami exhibition from April 16 – 14.

It has also been conformed that Japanese fans can call a toll-free hotline in order to talk with Yato himself, Hiroshi Kamiya. The number is 080-0919-8100, however, only people in Japan can talk with him.


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