The Top 20 Most Perverted Anime Series to Never Watch With Friends

You may be ardent in saying that ecchi, fan service, and all things pervy are killing the anime industry, but you know you like it. It is not so much that those coylittle panty flashes or strategic boob windows in medieval armor are even arousing, it’s just that it provides simple and playful humor. However, some anime series are worse about it than others. Some taking it way too far to the point that it is no longer fun.

So what anime series play jump rope with the line of funny and offending your delicate sensibilities with its animated springy bits?

This list doesn’t include actual hentai, so spoiler alert, there will be no Boku no Pico, Bible Black, Night Shift Nurses, Midnight Sleazy Train… I’ve given too much away. Let’s just carry on, shall we?


20. School Days

School Days is not so much perverted as it is … Really slutty. It starts off as your run-of-the-mill romance story and then quickly progresses to the male protagonist dipping his wick in anything with girl bits. Then it just gets really violent and dark. Regardless, there’ no actual nudity, but the rampant sluttery just narrowly gets School Days a spot on the Top 20 most Perverted Anime Series list.

19. Food Wars!


You would be forgiven for hating Food Wars! based on its first few episodes. It is essentially the main character being an absolutely stunning cook, so much so that he makes girls squirm, squeal, and have their clothes burst off with passion. Well, that last bit only happens in their minds, but you still get to see it. However, as it goes on, it becomes less about making all the girls squeal and more about cooking delicious food competitively.

18. Burn-Up Excess


Burn-Up Excess follows the story of mostly female cops in futuristic Tokyo. Created in the late 1990’s, it has that old style animation ala Trigun, but with more jiggle. While the overall theme is boobs with badges and the fan service was what gave it its title of “Excess,” the real crime was that it was just a terrible anime.

17. Sekirei


Sekirei makes no effort to keep its pervy side a secret. One of the major elements in the anime is that the Sekirei, a race of all beautiful girls, need to kiss a human with special genes in order to unlock their full power. This means lots of smooching for the normal men and women in the series, and, of course, all the girls are stacked.

16. The Qwaser of Stigmata

Not unlike Sekirei, Qwaser is also upfront with its potential for perverse content. In this series, the key element needed for the male protagonist to use his powers is found in the breasts of women, Naturally, there is boobs of all shapes and sizes and they are put into a number of blush-worthy circumstances.

15. Ikkitousen


Ikkitousen, its plot can easily be summed up as “school girls fighting”. You don’t need to know why or anything else. Its core fan base watch because girls are screaming, getting bloodied up, and doing it all in short, short skirts and weirdly shiny skin. Oh, and bouncy boing-boings. So many shiny, bouncy things.

14. Girls Bravo


Girls Bravo is about a short guy that has been bullied by girls so much that he breaks out in hives when they touch him. However, one day he is transported to a planet which is basically all girls, but there is one that doesn’t give him hives. While Girls Bravo is actually a pretty sweet love story, the thirst on a planet of almost all women is real.

13. Eiken


If fan service could be turned into a plot, it would be the plot of Eiken. Essentially the male protagonist gets invited to join the Eiken Club, one filled with beautiful, busty babes, after accidentally groping a member’s chest. However, he has come to love the girl he groped, but every attempt to get to know her ends in deviously pervy situations. That is what the anime is about. No more, no less.

12. Prison School


Prison School had a choice to make when it was first created with its premise: turn into a palatable romance or fan service it up. It chose the latter. After being shunned by all the girls of their recently co-ed school, five boys decide their time is better spent peeping. However, when caught, they are sent to the school’s secret prison. From there is it all tight clothes, punishment games, and vague sub-dom relationships.

11. Excel Saga

Excel Saga is kind of complicated. It actually started off relatively PG and degraded into fan service throughout its 26-episode run. However, while its satire remained fun throughout, the boobs, the butts, and the pervy content got so bad by the final episode it wasn’t ran in many countries.

10. Freezing


Not unlike Sekirei, Freezing is about a group of powerful girls, called Pandoras, that need specially trained men, called Limiters, in order to unlock their true powers. While it could easily be the sub-par action anime that it is, someone somewhere decided to try to spice things up by making it really unnecessarily perverted.

9. B Gata H Kei


The premise of B Gata H Kei promises something that should be borderline hentai. It is all about a girl that wants to have 100 love conquests in high school, but first has to lose her virginity. While the entire plot could be wrapped up by walking up to any man and saying “Nice shoes, wanna fuck?” She wants it to be special, so the show just ends up being a lot of perverted, but safe, gags.

8. Puni Puni Poemi


Puni Puni Poemi is an OVA and spiritual successor to Excel Saga. In fact, the main character is essentially pre-teen Excel. So if it is just a short OVA and the main character is just a little girl, it can’t possibly be that bad, can it? Like Excel Saga, this anime wasn’t shown in many countries for its sexual content. You’ve got the joke of an alien having large balls where its genitals should be that preceded the Transformers movie, little girls flashing their ass, a baby that predicts the future by pooping, and S&M dominatrices. It is crazy, to be sure, but so perverse.


7. Golden Boy


If you’re a boy, then it is likely you want to be like the boy in Golden Boy. Kintaro got himself a college education, then dropped out right before graduation in order to ride around on a bicycle, taking odd jobs, and learning about the world and women. Essentially he makes all the typical guy mistakes, including all the perverted ones, but still things work out. Of course, all the girls he meets fall head over heels in love with him.

6. To Love-Ru

To Love-Ru wanted to be a love story, but got distracted by ecchi in the process. Essentially, the main character wants to confess his love to his school yard crush. Unfortunately, that is foiled when a naked alien girl lands on him in the bath. She is crowned princess to an alien empire and wants to marry him to escape a political marriage. While he continues to pine after his school crush, he keeps getting foiled by a series of alien beauties that come after the princess.

5. Heaven’s Lost Property

With a lackluster comedic story, the only thing Heaven’s Lost Property has going for it is the fan service. Like To Love-Ru, a pretty girl literally falls on the main character. This leads him on the path to investigating a new world filled with similarly beautiful literal angels. Of course, the comedy, tits, and awkward situations are accented by literal flying underwear, which also may explode.

4. High School DxD


At very least, the main character of High School DxD is honest. He’s a pervert that likes to peep and dreams of gathering himself a harem. Then he meets a pretty girl, who is also an angel, and she kills him! That’s it, anime over, bye guys! Of course he gets revived by another pretty girl, who is a devil, that revives him. From there is is all risque fighting and bouncing busts as angels and devils fight with the main character caught in the middle.

3. High School of the Dead


With all the movies and TV shows about zombies, when High School of the Dead rolled around, fans of zombies were thrilled. Except, High School of the Dead isn’t really about zombies at all. It’s about girls firing big guns with straps splitting their massive boobs, their short skirts flaring in the action, and cooking dinner in nothing but an apron. Zombies are really an afterthought.

2. Queen’s Blade


You know how in all old school RPGs, women were given armor that was impractical and barely covered anything? Well, imagine they took that concept and added a loose plot, then made it into an anime series. You would have Queen’s Blade, an anime about busty, barely-armored girls fighting it out in a tournament to be queen.

1. Kiss X Sis

At this point, Kiss X Sis is almost as notorious as Boku no Pico, but still not worthy enough to suggest to people to troll them. Regardless, the entirety of the plot is about a boy trying to beat off his incredibly thirsty half-sisters with a stick until he decides that he no longer wants to. It goes where you didn’t want Oreimo to go. That creepiness, combined with the simplistic plot are what earn Kiss X Sis the title of the most perverted anime. For now, anyway.

Do you agree with this list? Do you disagree? Wanna be fickle about the ordering? Is there an anime your stoutly believe should be on here? Let us know in the comment section below!

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