One Punch Man finally gets an anime adaptation

The 15th issue of this year’s Young Jump magazine has announced that Yuusuke Murata’s One-Punch Man manga will finally be getting an anime adaptation, and it certainly brings some good news to fans who have been waiting for the manga to have its anime adaptation green-lit.

The magazine scan has revealed that the staff and cast will be revealed in this month’s Anime Japan event over at the Bandai Visual booth, which will also be playing the anime’s very first PV.

One Punch Man will follow its titular (and overpowered) hero, who can defeat any opponent with one punch. However, because he is ALWAYS winning, and his victories were all very easy, he has become bored with his life. The manga is written by Yuusuke Murata, who is also responsible for creating Eyeshield 21 and is responsible for the character designs for the Maijin Bone anime.


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