Top 5 Best Perverted Anime Series Uncensored

As usual, I think of an energizing topic for the majority of the Otakus out there, today will share this Top 5 produced using surveys and other confirmed sources demonstrating the most popular or perverted anime ever.

Anime is now on his way to become hentai. Every year we get more of these perverted anime. The more perverted picture is circulating everywhere on Google, social media and everywhere.

Now let’s have a look at 5 very perverted anime. Those anime are so perverted than they could be made into hentai and still be as popular as the main series and way more xD. The anime in the list has not been chosen only for how good is the anime but also for how to pervert the anime is.

By the way, there’s no hentai. It’s for anime only. If you want to see hentai, you can go read this article about the most popular hentai.

Top 5 Best Perverted Anime Series Uncensored

High School DxD (Uncensored)

Issei Hyoudou one of the most perverted anime character of all time who invented a technic to destroy the clothing of young ladies. This technic allows him to always win against the girl.

High School DxD is one of the most popular ecchi ever made at the moment. It’s still my number one.

Top 5 Best Perverted Anime Series Uncensored

Sin: Nanatsu no Taizai (Uncensored)

One of the most perverted anime of all time! You get everything you can imagine like big boobs, panties shot, tentacle rape, boobs grabbing and even BDSM. If you’re looking the closest thing to hentai, Sin: Nanatsu no Taizai (Uncensored) is the show you must watch now.

Top 5 Best Perverted Anime Series Uncensored

Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid (Uncensored)

Valkyrie Drive is probably the most perverted yuri anime of all time. You get Oppais, Lesbians, and action. There’s also a video game with the character from Valkyrie Drive. You can read about it in this article.

Top 5 Best Perverted Anime Series Uncensored

Prison School (Uncensored)

Five boys are going to in a former all-girls school only to be sent to the school’s prison because they peeked in the girls’ bath. Probably the less perverted on the list, but probably the most fun to watch. Prison School has the most comedy.

Top 5 Best Perverted Anime Series Uncensored

Masou Gakuen HxH (Uncensored)

How do you power up girls in anime? By doing perverted stuff? Yes, you do perverted stuff to the hot girl to replenish their energy. You get everything in Masou Gakuen like breast grabbing, ass grabbing and you even get BDSM. The main character is a lucky guy to have Inherited of this power

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