Naruto, Best-Selling Japanese Comic to End After 15 Years

The loudest ninja ever known says goodbye next month.

Naruto’s serialization began in 1999 within Shueisha’s Weekly Shohen Jump magazine. After 15 years and almost 700 installments, wildly popular manga, Naruto will conclude on Nov. 10, just five more issues from now. The iconic Japanese comic follows adolescent ninja, Naruto Uzumaki who aims to become the strongest leader in his village.

Written and Illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto, Naruto is the best-selling U.S. manga of all time. The popular comic quickly gained a massive following and expanded past just books to create and empire full of music, films, trading card games, video games and guidebooks.

According to Weekly Shonen Jump’s website, a film titled “The Last – Naruto the Movie” will open in Japan on December 6. An exhibition of Naruto artwork will take place next year.

Whatever the finale brings, or the impact of the movie, Kishimoto’s decade and a half of intense work and world building is an outstanding creative achievement in its own right. The weekly TV series is continuing for the foreseeable future too, so fans won’t be left entirely Naruto-less just yet.

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